love of the day: the fur

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Nothing screams luxury (and warmth) quite like a beautiful fur. I think that everyone needs at least one gorgeous fur in their closet. I look forward to going back to the East Coast especially so I can wear my furs (as they tend to be way too heavy and garner lots of odd looks here in LA).

fur black olivia palermo

fur cape vintage kate moss

fur coat black and givenchy

fur fashion vintage grey

fur glamourous huge

Fur Ivory

fur rachel zoe

fur shrug w leather and celine

fur white and leather


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Ready to make a purchase? There are two cruelty-free options: vintage for faux.

When purchasing a vintage fur, it’s worth the money to buy it from a reputable vintage shop, who has (hopefully) sifted out any furs that are not in good condition. You should still be looking for fit (I find that often they are way too big and bulky through the shoulders), signs of rot or decay (it should feel supple when you bend the material, not brittle), and you should make sure it is free of tears, rips and shedding.

Faux furs are amazing, and you are able to find a great quality much more easily than an actual vintage fur. My recommendation here is to stick with a neutral color, as the brighter costumes look more fake and can even go towards costumey. Current favorites for faux are BSABLE (sold at Dash, Revolve Clothing, and Elyse Walker), and Rachel Zoe (Neiman Marcus, Piperlime, and Nordstrom).

BSABLE chelsea long sleeve faux fur jacket, 568

fur faux b sable


BSALBLE Nicole jacket in mixed raccoon, 722

Faux fur bsable jacket mix raccoon


Rachel Zoe Marianne faux fur vest in grey, 425

faux fur rachel zoe marianne vest