crushing on bubble chandeliers


Currently crushing on bubble chandeliers, and how to install one somewhere in my house? They can go all-out glam against a clean white room, but I prefer them in contrast to wood, brick or a room with other more natural elements, to keep the fixture from looking too modern. I like them because they add an air of glamour without being something that is sparkly or metallic.

bubble chandelier 2

There seem to be two major variations on the glass bubble chandeliers- those that contain a lighting fixture, and those that just reflect light from other sources.

bubble chandelier 6

bubble chandelier 3

bubble chandelier 5

bubble chandelier 4

bubble chandelier

I may be ambitious at some point soon, and do a small bubble chandelier for the corner of my bathroom (without the lighting fixture attached), and I found an aweseome DIY if you need a fabulous weekend project here.

Let me know if you decide to get crafty, step away from the Christmas decorations for just a few days, and give this one a try! xo