i need some space – neon + black

fashion, home, i need some space, real estate

Who doesn’t love a good view into someone’s home in a non-creepy and artistic way? I think a person’s home is more telling of their character than what they wear on a particular day, as these are the things and the space that they choose to surround themselves with on a daily basis.

One of my favorite sites for home-invasion is theselby.com (you need to go now if you haven’t already). They feature homes from designers, creative types, and all-around taste-makers, all shot beautifully and with quirky commentary at the end of each post.

This particular space, belonging to cool-girl Cindy Gallop, struck me because even though it is mostly black (and I favor white), I felt that it was absolutley one of a kind and very well done.

all images via theselby.com