love of the day – black out walls

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Loving how cozy dark walls can feel, especially when warmed up with gold accents, animal prints, and fur throws.

black sitting room interior design

black walls fire place

black sitting room 1

black entry table

black dining room interior design

black bathroom interior design

black bedroom walls

black bathroom interior design 2



i need some space – kelly furano

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Introducing yet another really cool girl and her really amazing space (and her cute dog too!). This time we are in Venice with Kelly Furano – fashionista, surfer and amazing dresser.

Check out the original post here on, one of my favorites, for a really great interview with her, more snapshots of her house, and her cute hubby. My only question is why have I not heard of her sooner?

i need some space- selma blair’s zen west hollywood home

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Coming up on the LA real estate market is another celebrity home- this time belonging to actress Selma Blair. Nested in between Sunset and Hollywood in West Hollywood, this peaceful home features 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a koi pond, coming in at $1.7 million. The home is beautiful and very serene – which could be a perfect canvas for the right person to come in and put some color in there! Either way, the house is well done and the price is right.

i need some space- christina auguilera’s beverly hills estate for sale

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Time for some celebrity real estate… with all the recent talk about Jennifer Aniston this week and her new home purchase in Bel Air, somehow this slipped through most of the media- Christina Aguiler’s Beverly Hills home, conveniently located just North of Sunset on Doheny. You may remember this house from being featured on the Osbournes, or maybe from her InStyle photo shoot?

For $13.5 million, you get 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 2 walk in closets, a gym, gameroom, screening room, recording studio, and a guest house – hopefully that comes with a can of paint?

View the listing via Hilton & Hyland.

chanel apartments- karl lagerfeld vs. coco chanel

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Brace yourselves… Coco Chanel’s apartment, via I remember seeing snapshots of it here and there, but they did a great job capturing all of the detail. I can say that I expected it to be a little more plain, much more glamourous, and not quite so red? I didn’t re-post all of the pictures, but she had quite a love affair with burgandy. It almost reads as a bit of an asian influence?

I am always excited to see the spaces that inspire people, as sometimes they are in such sharp contrast to what I had imagined. I recall seeing Karl Lagerfeld’s very modern apartment a few years back and being shocked that he could have created a space that was so stark, yet he was creating a collection that was so feminine and beautiful.

I thought it would be fun to compare the two- enjoy!

Coco Chanel-

uncle karl’s apartment in paris, full of 23,00 + books

i need some space – beautiful in brooklyn (aka jenna lyon’s home)

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Remember when J. Crew was a place to for khakis, button-ups, maybe a twin set or two? Now it is found on the likes of net-a-porter next to your YSL and Missoni, courtesy of Jenna Lyons. A creative genious who is regularly profiled in the fashion and design industry, Lyons is getting a divorce… and allegedly moving on with jewelry exec Courtney Crangi.

How’s that for a change of heart?

Regardless, her Brooklyn home is beautiful, and reads as a sunny and peaceful sanctuary. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep the couple together, but hopefully someone else can benefit from her well-designed home. Yours for a cool $3.75 mil.

i need some space – 1467 n kings road (aka paris hilton’s house)

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While cruising the internet for a new apartment, I stumbled upon a picture of a pool that looked familiar. I recognized it from a magazine spread as none other than Paris Hilton’s home, which I had fallen in love with, due to the black and white Old Hollywood style that she carried throughout the house. Sure enough, the listing advertised the home for rent as “celebrity-owned”.

The home is right north of Sunset Blvd on Kings Rd, so it is tucked away enough for some privacy but close to every good shopping spot, restaurant, and nightclub Los Angeles has to offer.

The four bedroom, three bath home totals 3,000 square feet and features a pool, tub, and massive closet. The price was recently reduced from a monthly rental price of $20k – $16k… I say grab a few girlfriends and make it happen!

via elite la homes

i need some space – rachel zoe, the other house

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Everyone is very excited over the amazing job that super-assistant Jeremiah Brent did on Rachel Zoe’s stunning new home, so I decided to go into the archives and dig out the original house that was featured on the show, back in the Taylor and Brad days!

The house is more suitable for a young, affluent and fashionable couple, and the shoot, done by Richard Powers, offers some beautiful shots of Rachel as well.

It is interesting to see how certain pieces of their furniture have transitioned to several different homes, as it is a concept that we can all relate to.

i need some space – hollywood hills, carmen crest

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Lust worthy space of the day – 2415 Carmen Crest Drive, Los Angeles. Recently listed and up for grabs (details via if you’re feeling a little spendy!)

The view, the glamour, and the clean asthetic make this home worth the $5.6 million price tag.

My favorite part of the home, aside from the obvious pool, is the view outside of the bathroom. Instead of mirroring the vanity, the left it open so you can enjoy watching the sun rise as you get ready. My only questions is that with views like this, who would ever need a TV?

nicky hilton – closet crush

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Nicky Hilton is undoubtedly the cooler Hilton sister. She follows trends but always remains classic and beautiful. She is almost always wearing some version of skinnies, ballet flats, tee and a Balenciaga bag… and always looks amazing while never being over the top. Her current hair color only adds to the crush!

Here are the lastest photos of her current closet via the coveteur- one of my favorite websites!