interior design – the indoor hammock


Imagine curling up in one of these cozy hammocks  for a Sunday nap until it is warm enough to bring the party outside… I am currently obsessed!

indoor hammock 2

indoor hammock 3

indoor hamock

indoor hammock modern

interior swing


Love the idea but don’t have the space? Check out svvving – a company specializing in interior swings for loft spaces. Choose different finishes and fabrications for a custom swing for your home. House party anyone?


love of the day – black out walls

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Loving how cozy dark walls can feel, especially when warmed up with gold accents, animal prints, and fur throws.

black sitting room interior design

black walls fire place

black sitting room 1

black entry table

black dining room interior design

black bathroom interior design

black bedroom walls

black bathroom interior design 2


crushing on bubble chandeliers


Currently crushing on bubble chandeliers, and how to install one somewhere in my house? They can go all-out glam against a clean white room, but I prefer them in contrast to wood, brick or a room with other more natural elements, to keep the fixture from looking too modern. I like them because they add an air of glamour without being something that is sparkly or metallic.

bubble chandelier 2

There seem to be two major variations on the glass bubble chandeliers- those that contain a lighting fixture, and those that just reflect light from other sources.

bubble chandelier 6

bubble chandelier 3

bubble chandelier 5

bubble chandelier 4

bubble chandelier

I may be ambitious at some point soon, and do a small bubble chandelier for the corner of my bathroom (without the lighting fixture attached), and I found an aweseome DIY if you need a fabulous weekend project here.

Let me know if you decide to get crafty, step away from the Christmas decorations for just a few days, and give this one a try! xo

closet crush – heidi gores

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Crushing hard on this recent entry via the coveteur, featuring Heidi Gores. Who is Heidi Gores, and how does she have so many amazing shoes? She is one of the founders behind Pressed Juicery (Brentwood, Malibu and now in We-ho). Regardless, I love a clean white closet as it is the perfect background for showcasing a beautiful wardrobe.

all images via the coveteur

i need some space – kelly furano

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Introducing yet another really cool girl and her really amazing space (and her cute dog too!). This time we are in Venice with Kelly Furano – fashionista, surfer and amazing dresser.

Check out the original post here on, one of my favorites, for a really great interview with her, more snapshots of her house, and her cute hubby. My only question is why have I not heard of her sooner?

closet creeping – brenna egan

fashion, home

Brenna Egan seems like a really cool girl – down to earth and approachable, but stylish enough to be juuuust out of reach. Before checking out her closet space, you should know that she has been an LA based stylist, worked at Vouge, and is now the editor for (who doesn’t check refinery before 9am?) . Thank her for making your blog addiction just that much worse!



check out the rest of the pictures and an interview with brenna here at




i need some space- selma blair’s zen west hollywood home

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Coming up on the LA real estate market is another celebrity home- this time belonging to actress Selma Blair. Nested in between Sunset and Hollywood in West Hollywood, this peaceful home features 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a koi pond, coming in at $1.7 million. The home is beautiful and very serene – which could be a perfect canvas for the right person to come in and put some color in there! Either way, the house is well done and the price is right.

i need some space- christina auguilera’s beverly hills estate for sale

closet crush, fashion, home, i need some space, real estate

Time for some celebrity real estate… with all the recent talk about Jennifer Aniston this week and her new home purchase in Bel Air, somehow this slipped through most of the media- Christina Aguiler’s Beverly Hills home, conveniently located just North of Sunset on Doheny. You may remember this house from being featured on the Osbournes, or maybe from her InStyle photo shoot?

For $13.5 million, you get 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 2 walk in closets, a gym, gameroom, screening room, recording studio, and a guest house – hopefully that comes with a can of paint?

View the listing via Hilton & Hyland.

chanel apartments- karl lagerfeld vs. coco chanel

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Brace yourselves… Coco Chanel’s apartment, via I remember seeing snapshots of it here and there, but they did a great job capturing all of the detail. I can say that I expected it to be a little more plain, much more glamourous, and not quite so red? I didn’t re-post all of the pictures, but she had quite a love affair with burgandy. It almost reads as a bit of an asian influence?

I am always excited to see the spaces that inspire people, as sometimes they are in such sharp contrast to what I had imagined. I recall seeing Karl Lagerfeld’s very modern apartment a few years back and being shocked that he could have created a space that was so stark, yet he was creating a collection that was so feminine and beautiful.

I thought it would be fun to compare the two- enjoy!

Coco Chanel-

uncle karl’s apartment in paris, full of 23,00 + books

love of the day – hermes giant avalon blanket

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It’s not just an Hermes Avalon blanket… it’s a GIANT Hermes Avalon Blanket. Measuring a giant 87″ x 102″ and made of a yummy wool and cashmere, this blanket was made for cuddling on the couch post-Thanksgiving feast!

Make being full of Turkey and Pumpkin Pie and possibly not being able to button your skinny jeans a little more glamourous… or at least feel a little more acceptable this year!

giant avalon blanket,, 2575