love of the day – giuseppe zanotti fall 12 shoe collection

accessories, fashion, love of the day, shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti just released their Fall 12 collection, and it may be their best yet. Featuring metal details, spikes studs and a generous assortment of Gaga-inspired maxi-wedges, the collection has enough to make any shoe addict fall in love.

patent heel with metal heel detail, 650.00

platform bootie sandal in red suede and black crocodile print, 1150

purple peep toe bootie, 1095.00, and suede peep toe heel with back detail, 850.00

suede bootie maxi wedge, 995.00, and suede maxi wedge heel with strap, 895.00

maxi wedge bootie with crystal and spike detail, 3025.00, and spiked cuff, 550.00

suede boot with metal heel detail, 1195.00, sandal with metal pyramid detail,  930.00


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