love of the day – dip dye hair

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To dip-dye or not to dip-dye… for me, I would love to get in on the dip-dye hair trend, but it might not go over so well at my office (casual, laid back and artistic… but pink hair might not fly with certain clients). I am also not a hundred percent about committing my blonde locks to a color, knowing if I want to bleach the ends back out they will literally fry into nothing.

I was so excited when I saw this great tutorial on The Beauty Department about chalking – a temp fix for a night out or a weekend with all of the glam and non of the commitment. It looks a little messy, and you risk getting chalk all over everything (I am imagining it having the same havoc on your life as a Brian Lichtenberg glitter dress), but I think the risk is worth it!

Check out their great tips here:

Some of my favorite dip-dyed hair looks:

all images via pinterest… make sure and follow me here! xo


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