The wedge sneaker was more of a hate for me before it was a love, I just didn’t quite understand it. I love Isabel Marant, but the clunkiness (and the price) of the sneaker threw me for a serious loop.

Until I went to New York. These are the perfect Saturday afternoon shoes with leggings and a great tee or jacket… check out some of my favorite street snaps of ladies working the sneaker trend correctly. Gisele is my favorite, she can do no wrong – obviously!






The Isabel Marants are still a little spendy for a trend that I don’t think will last more than a few months, but these Ash sneakers have become my new favorite.

ash wedge sneakers, 225 – 250, via

My NYC based girlfriend picked up a pair of Steve Madden wedge sneakers a few weeks ago… I have been google stalking them ever since to no avail. I was about to give up until tonight, when their Olympia version was right there. Click, click, ordered!

olympia wedge sneakers via, 99.95

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