spring ad campaigns with los angeles love – stahl house and beverly hills

ad campaigns, editorial, fashion, lookbooks

When I came across the ad campagin featuring the Stahl house, I was pretty much speechless. Being a huge fan of Los Angeles architecture, the Stahl house is one of the most iconic houses in the area. The Stahl house was built in 1959 by architect Pierre Koenig, for Buck Stahl. The floor to ceiling windows with insane views of most of Los Angeles from every angle regularly put it at the top of every “best of” architechture list. It truely exemplifies the idea of a modern home in the 20th century. Currently, it is privately owned, but it is open on weekends and you can schedule tours (currently on my to do list).

Luisa Spagnoli is an Italian fashion house that we don’t hear much about here in the US. They always do really glamorous ad campaigns and dress the likes of Kate Middleton and other European celebs.

Next up is Juicy Couture and their playful images, shot in Beverly Hills. A far cry from the luxury of the Luisa Spagnoli campaign, but I still think they are really fun and capture the LA spring-time vibe really well.



Finally, the Kurt Geiger campaign shots, some of which may have been shot in the same neighborhood as the Juicy campaign… Much more of an edge though. I think they are really beautiful!

all images via fashiongonerouge


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