current elliot spring 2012 lookbook

fashion, lookbooks

Are they friends? Sisters?

Are the grounded, stranded, brainwashed, kidnapped and unable to run away from this house?

Are they (most likely) just too cool, too stylish, and too attractive to want to leave the house and socialize with the outside world?

The Spring ’12 Current / Elliot lookbook brings up these and many other questions… not the least of which, how do you feel about wearing floral denim? It brings me back to my Z. Cavvarici denim shorts circa second grade, but I feel like it could be fun trend.

What questions do you have when viewing the c / e lookbook??? And what are they doing in that house?



2 thoughts on “current elliot spring 2012 lookbook

    1. I’m certainly going to at least try it… I think we can make it happen with a plain white tee! Have you seen the AG IKAT jean? Posting on it soon… it’s crazy! Thanks for the feedback -xx

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