chanel apartments- karl lagerfeld vs. coco chanel

fashion, home, real estate

Brace yourselves… Coco Chanel’s apartment, via I remember seeing snapshots of it here and there, but they did a great job capturing all of the detail. I can say that I expected it to be a little more plain, much more glamourous, and not quite so red? I didn’t re-post all of the pictures, but she had quite a love affair with burgandy. It almost reads as a bit of an asian influence?

I am always excited to see the spaces that inspire people, as sometimes they are in such sharp contrast to what I had imagined. I recall seeing Karl Lagerfeld’s very modern apartment a few years back and being shocked that he could have created a space that was so stark, yet he was creating a collection that was so feminine and beautiful.

I thought it would be fun to compare the two- enjoy!

Coco Chanel-

uncle karl’s apartment in paris, full of 23,00 + books


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