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los angeles love

I had a good girlfriend in town a few weekends ago, and I love having the chance to host friends in my amazing city! I am a sucker for a great view and I wanted to share a few of my favorite view spots all around the city.

Mondrian Sky Bar – 8440 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA, 90069

This may not be the “in” place to go anymore, but I consider it a great classic and an important Los Angeles destintation. Admission is free (as long as you call ahead for the list – 323 848 6025). Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays they have a solid DJ and a great atmosphere. Expect to see a good mix of tourists and some locals as well, but you are probably better off bringing your own fun as the crowd can be hit or miss. I would recommend this as more of a place to go with a big group of friends, or with a date as the view and the lounge-type seating make it perfect for a romantic and relaxing evening.

Perch – 448 S Hill St, Los Angeles CA, 90013

This is more of an after-work spot that has a great crowd during the week, but tends to be a little weak on the weekends. The view is absolutely incredible though! It is worth making the treck to downtown (if you aren’t a local) and meeting some of your downtown working or living friends (I am sure they would love to see you as you likely never visit them!). Expect two levels of patios and indoor seating, a cozy fire pit, a great custom drink menu, and the best urban view in Los Angeles – you will forget you aren’t in New York!

The Hotel Wilshire- 6317 Wilshire Boulevard CA, 90048

I had heard about this opening in the otherwise less-than-desireable Miracle Mile stretch of Wilshire Corridor. Everything I had heard was good, but I never had a reason to go until the epic fail of trying to attend the Christmas Tree lighting at the Grove. We weren’t into the performances, but were really excited about the fireworks display that was to follow. Realizing about an hour in that it was going to be much longer of a wait than we had anticipated until the fireworks began, we started to rack our brains for a spot we would be able to see the fireworks from, and decided on this place.

This was a Sunday night, so we were able to snag street parking directly in front of the hotel. A super-affordable $6 (!) valet was also available. We felt awkward as we walked into the tiny lobby and got instructions up to the roof (don’t worry- this is the right place!). Once we were up, we were welcomed with a nearly deserted rooftop bar with several cabanas and tables lining the perimiter of the roof, with sweeping views from the hills all the way to downtown. They have a great specialty drink menu, a huge glass fireplace, and overall just a wonderful calm ambiance. We were told it was a little more live during the week after work, which is to be expected, but we had the best view of the fireworks in the entire city – guaranteed!


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