love of the day – united nude crystallization heel

fashion, love of the day, shoes

Do you know United Nude? Until I few months ago, I didn’t either. While out shopping in New York City, I asked a fashionable sales associate where I should go to shop where I would be able to find something I wouldn’t be able to find in LA (this can be tricky). He directed me to Oak (epic fail, was great six months ago but nothing that you can’t find at Co-op), and United Nude, a new shoe store that was across the street. I made my way down to Soho, and was floored.

United Nude is very hit or miss- for every amazing shoe, they have one that is not so great, or even questionable. This shoe is absolutely amazing, no question. Featured in a variety of colors and hand-strung out of Napa leather, it is truely a work of art that I would almost be afraid to wear out (almost…)

The crystallization heel is a worthy purchase, as a shoe with this much character is sure to only come around once in a lifetime.

united nude, 995


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