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I kept hearing about malibu wines through several different groups of people, so when I had company in town I decided to check it out..

We arrived at around one, and valet was full so we had to drive down the road to park and take the complimentary shuttle up the street. This wasn’t the worst, but the parking lot was dirty and I had just washed my car earlier that day.  Admission is free, you just need to make sure that you have your ID ready to go.

There are several tables spread out throughout the main area, most with generously sized shade umbrellas, and we were lucky enough to snag one that had been acting as a placeholder for some birthday gifts, otherwise we would have had to sit on the grass. I suggest bringing a blanket.

For lunch, we had stopped at Wholefoods (insert parking lot joke here), and grabbed sandwiches, cheese, fruit, and some other munchines.

You can do tastings for a very reasonable price, but since the winery was all the way in Malibu and we had to drive back to the city, we opted to just purchase a bottle of wine. They provide an ice bucket and wine glasses with the purchase of a bottle.

Warning- there is live music, which I beleive can go either way. That afternoon, there was a vocal quartet who used some accoustic instruments on some of their songs. Overall, it was fine for background music and added to the ambiance, but wasn’t anything I would go out of my way to listen to.

The crowd in attendance was mid 20’s and up. There were several birthday parties, including one large one for the big 3-0. There was a smattering of couples here and there, and some groups of girlfriends. Everyone was friendly (maybe because they were all drunk in the middle of the day), but I would suggest getting together a small group and bringing your own fun.

This is a great way to spend the afternoon with girlfriends or a date, just make sure you are prepared with food, water and a picnic blanket. Also… between the drinking and the mountain terrain you are probably best off leaving the heels at home.




Find out more about Malibu Wines at


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