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What a better way to spend a beautiful, Pre-Fall afternoon than at the Getty in Los Angeles? After living here for two years, I am embarrassed to say that I never took the initiative to go.

My recommendation is to skip the art (sorry) and go for the views. Slightly above the smog layer, it provides some much-needed fresh air and makes you feel like you are on top of Los Angeles (always good for an ego boost in an often difficult city).

Upon parking, you take an elevator up to the shuttle entrance. For a Sunday afternoon, there was no wait. I was actually really excited about the shuttle, but the view was not so great and had a top speed of maybe 5 mph, so it was not by any means the highlight of the trip.

We entered through the main entrance and opted to cruise through the buildings but spend most of the time outside. Here are some of the amazing pictures I took.

My recommendation would be to come up here with a yummy picnic lunch and even a sneaky glass of wine and a good back and relax and enjoy some sun on the lawn overlooking the garden. The next time I have the day off and need some sunshine but it isn’t quite beach weather, this is where you will find me.

For more information on the Getty center including hours and directions, click here @


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